Since July 2020, the company Jus MB carries out its distribution from the newly built distribution center.

Within the distribution center there is a warehouse area of 6000 m2 on the ground floor, that is, a storage unit of 4500 m2 and chambers, as well as a packaging unit of 1500m2. There are 4128 pallet spaces in the storage unit, and 2160 pallet spaces in the chambers.

The reception and delivery of products is done with 13 highly professional ramps.  

The storage unit is built in accordance with all the norms and standards and it includes a food storage unit and a separate Co-Pak department.

The chambers that are part of the storage unit of the distribution center have a total capacity of 2160 tons or 2160 pallet spaces. This unit consists of 3 sophisticated chambers built according to the latest standards and it is used for the storage of meat, meat products, and frozen food. Within this unit there is a special section for the reception and delivery of products, and for that purpose, two separate highly professional ramps were built.

The packaging unit is a part of the storage unit and is used for the packaging of PL products that are part of the Jus MB such as sugar, beans, and rice.

warehouse area
storage unit
packaging unit
pallet spaces

The distribution center has a modern WMS warehouse management system.

The storage unit functions on its own, by all modern standards, but there is a well-planned seamless connection with administration and logistics.

In accordance with all safety standards, the storage space, as part of the distribution center, special attention is paid to the HACCP standard and to hygiene maintenance.  

A total of 28 employees tend to the efficiency of all warehouse operation.